About Us

Kilim Box is an online retail store providing vintage, premium Kilims and Rugs along with custom product designs to our valuable customers as well as the distinguished stores around the world under the design studio NAR Studio Ltd.

Passion for originality, quality and excellent delivery drives our company. NAR Studio Ltd. has been established in London. We apply years of design experience to our own products at Kilim Box while living out our passion for vintage decoration pieces.

We assume every vintage rug in our collection as a unique, precious work of art. We have the eye for great originals, we restore them back to excellent condition so you can breathe new life to your premises. We have not received a single complaint about any of the pieces we have sold to homes and businesses across the globe, we are ready and willing to resolve any issues you may encounter with regards to your purchase.

 Kilim Box offers you oriental Kilims and Rugs as woven art with high quality pictures and explanations relating to their authenticity.

Our affiliated experts first collect the vintage rugs & kilims. After selection they are each mended, reworked and cleaned back to their original state. Finally the products are prepared for shipment to our clients, overseen for their last quality checks.

Kilim Box provides the best quality and the most unique antique Kilims for you. Our furniture designs are one of a kind and all handmade from natural wood and wool by our best skilled artisans.

We will be happy to serve you in charge of supplier and customer relations. We are ready to help you throughout your purchase process.